Sunday, May 11, 2014


This week the song I did was Sad by Maroon 5. I've always liked this song, I didn't quite do it justice, but its for Drew. He was so young and I wish I had known him better, but to get to the point this song is for him and about regrets we have.

So my presentation is on hold until Wednesday because of the AP US AP test, I really need to study more... I'm also pretty confident in my public speaking skills, and my ability to get up in front of large crowds of people thanks to choir, musicals, and other things of that nature. I know exactly what I'm doing. I even have bullet points going on Evernote. I just haven't practiced yet. I have been practicing a few songs so I have the option of playing them during my talk since it was okayed by Mr. Provenzano. Hopefully the Ted X conference will come together more over the next few weeks, because I really want everything to go well with that! I don't really want to speak the day of the conference, I'd much rather just be stage manager and help things run smoothly.

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